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                Career Development

                    Chaoli has set up a variety of career development paths, providing its employees with a broad platform for development, and helping its employees achieve their career goals.

                    As Chaoli’s employees develop their skills and performance they will enjoy equal opportunities for promotion in their desired path.  Chaoli advocates a “Dual System” to promote employees’ career development. The “Dual System” refers to our programs known as the “Expertise Series" and the "Management Series."  The “Expertise Series" encourages employees to develop their own interest in a specific area of professional and technical skills in a manner that allows them to become an “expert” or “authority” in the respective field.  Our "Management Series" encourages employees who are interested in management and possess such skills to combine their professional orientation and expertise to become "business managers."  To ensure a smooth and steady career development, employees at lower level positions will mainly develop their professional skills and assume appropriate management responsibilities.  For employees who are interested and capable of becoming a manager, Chaoli provides training and job rotation programs that are tailored to help employees successfully complete the transition from “Expertise Series” to “Management Series.”   

                    In addition to providing employees with active and effective guidance during the work process, Chaoli continuously monitors the employees’ degree of satisfaction to uncover their individual needs. Based on this, Chaoli provides its employees with targeted, progressive training and coaching.  Meanwhile, Chaoli’s method of recognizing employees that are of managerial rank and those that are in training to develop their technical and managerial skills fully take into account the ability of each employee’s potential and interest to maximize their career development.

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