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                Chaoli Hi-Tech has always adhered to the highest standards of operations and management and is fiercely committed to the principle of “Quality is Life”. The company sticks to the idea of comprehensive quality management. It takes the “refinement of practice” as the single most important criterion for success. The company’s most important goal is zero quality defect. Towards that goal, Chaoli has established a comprehensive quality management and control system.

                In January 2004 and April 2005, the company successively passed TUV ISO/TS16949 quality certification and ISO14001 environment management system certification. In January 2006, the company passed the VALEO1000 certification and successively passed the supplier review of many multinational enterprises such as Ford and GM.
                In addition, Chaoli applies the ISO/TS16949 management system for the comprehensive quality management and control of pre-development, product verification and mass production process. This quality control system ensures that all the development and production flows perform flawlessly. The result of which is a scientific and effective monitoring process that guarantees Chaoli’s products are manufactured at the highest industry standards.


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