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                    Chaoli Hi-Tech has more than ten years experience in automobile thermal system and electronic control system, and our products mainly include condenser, evaporator, radiator, heater, oil cooler, intercooler, CRF cooling module unit, HVAC assembly and A/C controller assembly, etc., widely used in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and rail locomotives powered by electricity, gasoline and diesel. What’s more, Chaoli Hi-Tech has obtained lots of technical reserve in solar heat collection technology, thermal management technology for automobile batteries, engine ECU, EGR and so on.

                1.Auto A/C system

                    Auto A/C system, which is an important system for modern automobile, has generally three functions of heating, cooling and ventilation. Auto A/C system usually consists of compressor, condenser, evaporator and heater core and other components. Among these, the compressor, the A/C unit assembly consisting of evaporator, heater core, blower and damper and the condenser are the main components of car A/C system showed in the following figures:

                    The condenser consists of micro-channel flat tubes and fins and has the function of cooling the high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant vapor from the compressor, then condensing the above vapor into high-pressure liquid refrigerant. In general, the condenser is installed in front of the engine radiator. The product is showed in the figure below:

                Note: The above figure shows pipeline and the condenser.
                    The evaporator consists of forming plate (stack-up type) or micro-channel flat tubes (Parallel-flow) and fins and has the function of absorbing heat from air inside the car through vaporizing the low-pressure refrigerant from the expansion valve to reduce the temperature inside and achieve dehumidifying. In accordance with the mounting positions, the evaporators can be divided into pre-evaporator and roof-mounted evaporator. The pre-evaporators are generally installed under the instrument panel, being one with the interior trim and having a beautiful layout, and the roof-mounted evaporators are located on the inner top and generally mounted in the middle, the merit of which is to evenly cool the air inside the car. The product is showed in the figure below: 

                (3HVAC assembly
                    HVAC assembly is the umbrella name of devices used for the air conditioning inside the car. HVAC assembly sold by our company can be divided into three categories: HVAC assembly (usually including evaporator, expansion valve, heater core, blower, damper, actuator and housing), which has the functions of heating, ventilation and cooling; HVAC assembly without evaporator (usually including heater core, blower, damper, actuator and housing), which has the functions of heating and ventilation; dual-evaporation system (usually including pre-evaporator mainly consisting of evaporator, expansion valve, housing and post-evaporator or roof-mounted evaporator mainly consisting of evaporator, expansion valve, blower, housing and so on), which has the functions of cooling and ventilation and is appropriate for the most mini cars. The product is showed in the figure below:




                4Coaxial tube

                    Tube using the heat recovery technology, that low pressure tube setted in high pressure tube, low temperature working substance  and high temperature working substance exchange heat again though tube wall in car air-conditioner, is called coaxial tube. Coaxial tube can improve heat exchange efficiency and refrigeration capacity, and increase cooling speed of system. The product is showed in the figure below:




                2. Heat exchanger for engine and transmission

                    Heat exchanger for engine and transmission has the function of thermal management, such as cooling, and can achieve the cooling of the engine, transmission and the whole powertrain, so that they can still work at certain stable temperature through their continuous radiating, thus ensuring their normal and stable operation and reducing the energy consumption of powertrain.
                  During preparation of this report, heat exchanger for engine and transmission of the company mainly includes oil cooler, intercooler, radiator and cooling module. General information for these products are as follows:

                (1Oil cooler
                    The oil cooler consists of core plate (stack-up type) or micro-channel flat tubes (Parallel-flow) and fins and has the function of cooling fuel and lubricating oil in the systems of the vehicle to provide perfect operating temperature. The oil cooler is generally installed on fore-end of the water tank or on the transmission. At present, the company mainly produces oil cooler for automatic transmission. The product is showed in the figure below:

                    Intercooler or air charge cooler known as the air cooler has the function of cooling the high-temperature, high-pressure air after pressurizing the engine supercharger to improve the intake air density and combustion efficiency to improve engine power and reduce fuel consumption and emission. The product is showed in the figure below:

                    The radiator consists of radiator core, water inlet tank and outlet tank and has the function of carrying out secondary heat exchange to the excess heat carried by coolant in the water jacket of engine, and distributing the absorbing heat from high-temperature parts into the air through forced airflow outside to achieve heat dissipation and cooling. The product is showed in the figure below:

                4Cooling module
                    Cooling module is such a device which can simultaneously manage thermal from several objects or some objects, such as cooling water, lubricating oil, compressed air and so on. With the design thought of highly integrated, cooling module has the characteristics of complete function, small size, intellectualization, high efficiency etc. The product is showed in the figure below:


                (5EGR Cooler
                    EGR Cooler(Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Cooler) serves to cool the exhaust gas returned to the cylinder of the engine.The exhaust gas does not participate in the combustion in the combustion chamber,It reduces the combustion temperature and the burning rate,by absorbing some of the heat generated by the combustion to reduce the amount of NOx generated.According to the structure form,EGR cooler divided into round-tube type,tube-fin type,plate-fin type.Our company currently produces plate-fin EGR Coolers.The newly developed inner fins contains vortex generator,Which has higher heat transfer efficiency,Smaller size and Less weight.The product illustration is as follows:


                3.Heat management parts for new energy vehicles

                1Electric scroll compressor

                     Its function is to compress the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from  the evaporator and compress the refrigerant gas at high temperature and high pressure then enter the condenser for the refrigeration cycle. Integrated design structure of scroll, electric motor and controller, smaller size and less weight, unique mechanical flexible sealing technology to extend equipment service life. The product is illustrated as follows: 

                     The HV-PTC is part of the heating system of the vehicle. It can be used as primary heat source for vehicle interior climatisation, as support for battery climatisation in hybrid or electrical vehicles Heating cannot only take place in drive mode operation but also in the park mode while the vehicle is connected to the mains.The HV-PTC has an integrated electronics unit. The vehicle energy management system is assumed to always allocate the optimal amount of energy to the Coolant Heater. The product is showed in the figure below:

                3Battery Cooler
                     The battery generates heat during charging and discharging, the heat is transferred to the battery cooler, and it is taken away by the fast flowing coolant inside.The battery cooler core is made of aluminum alloy material, which has high heat transfer efficiency and light weight. The battery cooler produced by the company has two types of structures, tubular and plate, according to the structural form. The product is showed in the figure below:


                    Battery heat exchanger is a key component of battery thermal management system that used in new energy automobile. Battery will always works at the optimum temperature due to the cooling or heating by the battery heat exchanger. When the battery’s temperature is higher than the optimal temperature, the Refrigerant will be introduced to the heat exchanger and cools the battery. When the battery’s temperature is lower than the optimal temperature, the high temperature coolant will be introduced to the heat exchanger and heats the battery. The product is showed in the figure below:

                4.Automotive electronic parts

                (1Thermal Control Management
                    It is the core components of high efficiency thermal management system. The integrated thermal management system is realized by combining the thermal management of the passenger compartment, the electric drive thermal control management and the battery thermal management.  Saving energy and improving vehicle endurance. Including automatic dehumidification, mist removal, constant temperature, regulating air volume and air outlet intelligent air conditioning system, loading air purification system, intelligent regulating new wind, negative ion generator and so on, creating a comfortable environment for passengers. The product is showed in the figure below:


                2PM2.5 air detection module

                PM2.5 air detection module is added sharp GP2Y1014AU0F dust sensor as the core component of dust sensor connection wiring harness, circuit boards, shell, flat and miniature small fan of in-car air quality detection module, the module with precise calibration tests later dust concentration in the air, has the characteristics of high precision, strong consistency. When the dust is attached to the sensor, the system will automatically calibrate the concentration parameters to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.The module provides a variety of concentration output interfaces :(1) analog voltage output, the higher the dust concentration, the higher the output analog voltage; (2) digital serial port output for other platform MCU to read directly. The product is showed in the figure below:

                3Negative-ion generator

                The negative ion generator is a high pressure generator which is the core element of the piezoelectric ceramic transformer. Piezoelectric ceramic transformer is made of material with piezoelectric properties after sintering and the frequency of the device, it is under the condition of the external force (or deformation) under the action of electrical charge (or voltage) positive piezoelectric effect and force (deformation) in power under the action of the characteristics of the inverse piezoelectric effect. This can be realized by electrical energy - mechanical energy and mechanical energy - electrical energy conversion. Piezoelectric ceramic transformer is a kind of high performance electronic transformer. The piezoelectric high voltage generator with piezoelectric ceramic transformer is small and safe.High reliability, high efficiency and small electromagnetic interference. The product is showed in the figure below:



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